Ogden Doremus / Kent Lawrence Award

1993    Ogden Doremus
1994    Ronald Adams
1995    Charles L. Carnes
1996    J. Taylor Phillips
1997    Kenneth O. Nix
1998    Frank M. Hull
1999    Kent Lawrence
2000    Robert E. McDuff
2001    Howard E. Cook
2002    Jack M. McLaughlin
2003    Jeannette L. Little
2004    Donny Peppers
2005    Not Presented This Year
2006    Melodie H. Clayton
2007    Edward E. Carriere
2008    Ben W. Studdard, III
2009    Wayne M. Purdom
2010    Maurice Hilliard
2011    Award Name to Include Kent Lawrence
2012    Brenda H. Cole
2013    David P. Darden
2014    Linda S. Cowen
2015    Charles S. Wynne
2016    John C. Carbo, III
2017    Janis Gordon


The Ogden Doremus / Kent Lawrence Award is named after two state court judges who demonstrated the highest ideals of ethics, professionalism, judicial wisdom and demeanor. They are extremely involved in their communities; gaining the respect of their colleagues and the citizens that they serve. The state court judges receiving this award have not only brought esteem upon themselves, but upon all of the judiciary statewide.