Day on the Bench Program

Day on the Bench ProgramTonya Griesbach developed a “Day on the Bench” program for judges who would like to host an event that invites local legislators to your court. The Day on the Bench Program is designed to give legislators a personal understanding of the complexity of the daily duties and responsibilities of the judge. This experience is intended to impress upon legislators the significant role played by the courts in the justice system, the impact on the daily lives of our citizens, and the need for legislative support.

The program was initially piloted in November of 2009 at the State Court of Cobb County. Ms. Griesbach worked with the judges and assisted them in developing a program that showcased not only the many different types of cases, hearings and trials, but also the number of people that attend these various sessions.

Due to the success of the pilot, the Council of State Court Judges desires to make it available to you for your consideration. Additionally, in order for you to offset any expenses that you or your court may incur by presenting a Day on the Bench program, the Council will make available an expense reimbursement of up to $500.00. These funds may be used to reimburse meals or refreshments provided to the attendees, the printing of flyers, programs, and postage that may be needed, etc.

Please contact Bob Bray at for more information and planning assistance.