The Council

The Council of State Court Judges was created legislatively (OCGA § 15-7-26) to effectuate the constitutional and statutory responsibilities conferred upon it by law and to further the improvement of the State Courts, the quality and expertise of the judges thereof, and the administration of justice. The Council consists of 122 active judges, who serve in 70 counties, and a number of Senior and Judges Emeritus.

Council policies are set by its Executive Committee, while the Council has standing committees for such issues as strategic planning, educational programming, technology/computers, uniform rules, and new judge mentoring among others. Designated State Court judges serve on judicial branch agencies, such as the Georgia Courts Automation Commission, the Institute for Continuing Judicial Education, and the Georgia Commission on Interpreters among others.

The Council also sponsors a "Judge for the Week" program during the legislative session. The Judges attend committee meetings and make themselves available to answers posed by legislators and to express concerns and comments to legislators about bills being considered.

Each year the Council develops a Strategic Business Plan to further its Mission to further the improvement of State Courts, the quality and expertise of its judges, to maintain the impartiality of the judiciary and to ensure the fair, efficient administration of justice. The four Strategic Objectives of the Council are to
1) Support the State Courts;
2) Facilitate Relationships within the Judicial Branch;
3) Foster Relationships with other branches of Government; and
4) Inform and interact with the public.