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On behalf of the Council of State Court Judges, I would like to welcome you to the Council's Internet Website. This is a very exciting time for the Georgia Judicial System as the state advances in accountability courts such as DUI Courts, technology and communication!

Our Council, and its membership of judges, is proud to be a part of this new age in court development. We hope that by providing a website on our class of court in Georgia, the public will become more educated in the judicial process as well as more familiar with the way the justice system affects their community and daily lives.

Please take the time to evaluate our website for all that it has to offer. Also, feel free to contact our Council at our headquarters in Atlanta for any further information that you may need regarding the State Court bench in Georgia. Our staff is able to communicate with various state agencies and judicial offices to provide service on a variety of issues.

As you leave this site, remember that the judges of the State Court Bench in Georgia are representatives of not only the laws they adjudicate, but further, they are representatives of the counties in which they serve. Our membership prides itself on its ability to be accessible to the public and strives to maintain, and further build a strong presence in each county in the state. We are in essence a people's court serving every citizen of Georgia.Thank you for visiting the website of the Council of State Court Judges.


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